Kiley Stuesse Mission Center

It was Kiley’s last wish to travel the world and tell people about God. The KSMC will pass on Kiley’s missionary spirit for generations to come.

Your Mission Matters

YMM partners with companies exploring ways to become not just the best IN the world, but the best FOR the world.

Missions Organizations

Five loaves and two fish go a long way when Jesus gets his hands on them! Small mission organizations showcase God’s miraculous power and provision.


God’s mission is about restoring his creation to its original, unblemished form. It’s about making people and things whole again; about remaking us into all God created us to be.

God never called you to be anyone other than yourself. YMM can help you discover what sets you apart in God’s eyes and develop a plan that will inspire you to live on mission for the remainder of your life.

Mike is a visionary with a huge heart. He combines a deep well of experience in missions with a sensitive knack for finding small missions with huge potential. I especially admire his skill in helping organizations develop a focused mission and strategic plan.

Darrell AmyChief innovation Officer - Marketing Strategist for Independent Office Technology Dealerships

We love that YMM’s goal is to be a “friend, mentor and advocate.” That is exactly what we need! Being just the two of us, we love to have a voice of wisdom, strategy, and vision for the Kingdom. We are so excited for what God is doing exactly where we are, and thankful that God has provided Your Mission Matters to walk alongside us in the journey.

Stephen & Kelli SpurlockMissionaries to Southeast Asia

Take a heart for missions, combine it with a love for God, plus a deep desire to help people make a difference, and you know Mike Grober. Mike has a real gift for ministering and relating to people from all cultures. He is in his God-given place when he is leading teams ministering around the world. YMM will be a blessing to you.

Mark EvansSenior Pastor - The Church at Rock Creek

We are excited to have Your Mission Matters in our corner as we serve and live out the mission God has called us to. It’s so reassuring to know that Mike not only cares about and believes in what we are doing, but he really gets it, and is living it himself.

Shawn and Natalie Key
Shawn and Natalie KeyMissionaries to Bulgaria

Mike blends years of cross-cultural experience with a heart that beats for the Great Commission, all guided by a mind with theological insight necessary for faithful missions. He is uniquely qualified to connect people to the mission field.

Sam R. Williams, Ph.D.Professor of Counseling, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

Mike Grober is a master of motivating people. His entrepreneurial spirit puts YMM in a place to build creative and successful missions strategies for businesses, churches and missionaries. Our mission has been a beneficiary of some of these.

Scott Englund Missions Entrepreneur - Motomission Peru

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